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Back home

11-05-2009 i arrived home after a sweet work vacation in Ukraine you can see all the pictures @ here are some impressions {wp-gallery-remote: gallery=0; rootalbum=43094; showalbumtitle=true; showsubalbums=true; showimagesheader=true; imagefilter=include:43139,43155,43275,43351,43359,43491,43551;} {wp-gallery-remote: gallery=0; rootalbum=43640; showalbumtitle=true; showsubalbums=true; showimagesheader=true; imagefilter=include:43689,43717,43761,43841;} {wp-gallery-remote: gallery=0; rootalbum=42848; showalbumtitle=true; showsubalbums=true; showimagesheader=true; imagefilter=include:42989,43013,43093;}

First day is over

The first day is over i think i understand why everything looks so old and broken here the people don’t want to repair something witch is not there’s and only put money in there own property and for example not in the roads someone else has to do that. but the inside of the houses […]

Arrived in Ukraine

After a 2400 km drive i finally arrived in Ukraine and its still hard to see hove people live here, traveling with a horse or walking. In the city its better but not much the roads are really bad en average speed is about 70km p/h we arrived at 3:00 am local time. Now i […]